Indoor Plant Consultation

Let us provide our expertise and take the guesswork out of selecting indoor plants. We bring cool plants and pots to your home or business.

  • Create a look you will love - get to play with different textures, sizes, and varieties that will enhance your home or workplace

  • We'll match the plants to your environment and provide care information to ensure your plants thrive ie: office environment friendly, air cleansing...

  • We provide access to a wider range of plant specimens than those shown in our plant packages ie: Large Format Ficus, Monstera, Philodendron Selloum, Devils Ivy, Chain of hearts, String of pearls, succulents and much more...

  • Stage your home with beautiful plants - add value to your property on sale day

See a selection of before and after photos here and read what our customers say about our services.

 Contact us for date/time options. Please allow approximately 1.5 - 2hrs for your consultation. For pricing go to our FAQ page here. Only after a few plants or pots?

Visit us at the Cool Plants showroom or contact us for more options.

Everybody deserves beauty. Fill your life with Cool Plants.