Plants are cool 


Plants make us feel good and are life affirming. As our lives get busier, we look for ways to feel a connection with nature. Indoor plants offer calm, texture, colour and cleanse the air in our homes and work spaces.  They provide the ‘bridge to nature’ and help us live better. My long love affair with all things green developed into Cool Plants. Over the years I have worked in landscaping/design, completed a certificate in horticulture, and other plant based study including botanical distilling and Food Forest design. I have spent the last 6 years cultivating my love for indoor plants and I have enjoyed sharing what I've learnt through the Cool Plants showroom and consultancy service. 

Although the showroom is now closed,  I will occasionally share ideas on how to get the best from your greenery on my social pages. Enjoy the plant care videos and you're welcome to follow me on Instagram or Facebook - be warned there will be photos of cats and our onsite Art Gallery on there too! :) 

Best Wishes