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Plants make us feel good and are life affirming. My long love affair with all things green developed into Cool Plants. Over the years I have worked in landscaping/design, completed a certificate in horticulture, and other plant based study including botanical distilling and Food Forest design. I have spent the last 6 years cultivating my love for indoor plants and I love sharing what I learn.


As our lives get busier, we look for ways to feel a connection with nature. Indoor plants offer calm, texture, colour and cleanse the air in our homes and work spaces.  They provide the ‘bridge to nature’ and help us live better.

I believe there is a plant for everyone - yes I’m talking to you previous plant killers! I love my customers to really enjoy their plants so will spend time working out what will work best based on their individual needs. I provide expert advice for each plant and am always available to answer questions. I also do my best to source what you're looking for!

I look forward to helping you build your knowledge and confidence as you build your cool plant collection.

Best Wishes