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There's advantages to being a local and we all love a takeaway.  Some plants are just too fragile, or too big to ship nationally - so lucky locals, you get first pick of these beauties. You wont find these in our online shop so contact us direct to get your mitts on these goodies!
  • Contact us and let us know what you'd like and to arrange pick up from our showroom in Matua, Tauranga
  • Free pick up. Local drop off can be arranged to Mount/Tauranga/Papamoa 
  • We'll email your personalised plant care to you
Plants and pots shown are sold separately. We have a full range of planters in our showroom you can browse at pick up plus there are many more options than what is shown below!

Once ordered, we'll hold your item/s for 5 days. Plants will vary slightly from photos shown below - contact us for a photo of your plant, or choose once onsite.

Chain of Hearts - 14cm pot - $29
Ficus Reginald 28cm pot $110
Monstera Monkey Mask 17cm pot $65
Monstera Deliciosa double planted 20cm pot $60
Peperomia Marmorata 14cm pot $35
peperomia Marmorata
Ficus Reginald in black elho
Philodendron Birkin 14cm pot - $30
Birkin in white elho_edited.jpg
Philodendron Scandens 17cm pot $45
Philodendron Scandens 17cm.jpg
monstera compact leaf
Watermelon Peperomia - 14cm pot $48
watermelon peperomia
Philodendron Brasil 14cm pot - $60
Philodendron Brasil
Ficus Cyathistipula double planted 28cm pot $110
Tui Enrich Pour and Feed Indoor Plant fertiliser $15
tui pour and feed
Rhipsalis capilliformis 17.5cm pot - $30
Rhipsalis Capilliformis_edited.jpg
Hari Plant Stands - Tall 65cm $85 Medium 45cm $75
ned plant stands with monstera and ZZ.jpg
Moisture Meter $15
Rhipsalis Elwadiana 17.5cm pot - $30
Rhipsalis Ewaldina_edited.jpg
Metal cross bar stand - Tall -  24x24x55cm - $70
Black Metal Plant Stand
Small Black Metal plant stand $25 - 16cm tall/ fits16cm planter
syngonium lynette in white elho and black 2metal stand.jpg
Rhipsalis Paradoxa 17.5cm pot - $30
Rhipsalis Paradoxa_edited.jpg
Metal cross bar stand - short -  24x24x25cm - $45
Short metal plant stand
Oslo planters - sml $20/ medium $29 - contact us for colours
oslo planters.jpg