Cool Plant+Pot

The perfect Plant + Pot for your home or your workspace.
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Need a couple of Cool Plants+Pots or would you like one of plants shown in our plant packages? No problem, contact us with your request.
Sansevieria  Trifasciata Robusta - $60 - full sun to low light 
Sansevieria Trifasciata/Futura Superba - $60 - full sun to low light 
Sansevieria Trifasciata
Rhoeo Discolour + Pot- $55 - full sun option
Rhoeo in grey planter.jpg
Rhoeo in white planter_edited.jpg
Ficus Frosty + Pot - $55 - bright indirect light
Cool Plant+Pot
Cool Plant+Pot
Asparagus Myerii - $55 - med to low light
Syngonium Pixie - $55 - bright indirect to low light 
Cool Plant+Pot
Cool Plant+Pot
Peperomia Jade - $ 55 - Bright indirect to medium light
peperomia jade grey planter.jpg
peperomia jade white planter.jpg
Syngonium pixie grey.jpg
Syngonium pixie white.jpg
Zamioculcas (ZZ) - $68 - bright indirect to low light 
ZZ plant in grey planter.jpg
ZZ in white planter (2).jpg
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