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Cool Plants delivered to your home each month. Plant lovers rejoice!

Our subscriptions will enable you to build your confidence as you build your Cool Plant collection. A beautiful easy care or low light loving plant and pot is delivered to your door once a month. You'll receive carefully curated plants and modern planters. Subscriptions are for 3 months - our plant variety will change monthly for a minimum period of 9 months, which is great news when you resubscribe after 3 months - no double ups! Cool Plant Subscriptions make a great gift -  delight your loved ones with a botanical surprise.

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-Beginners- easy care confidence building plants

-Low light- average to low light conditions, ideal for offices



Your subscription plant and pot is delivered to your door once a month. Your carefully curated plants and planters come complete with expert care instructions 


Build your plant parent confidence and a beautiful collection of Cool Plants. Enjoy the benefits of a mini green jungle in your home or work space


Everybody deserves beauty. Fill your life with Cool Plants.