• Lara Bui

The Eternal Peace Lily

Hands up if you've owned a peace lily, aka Spathiphyllum. Lots of hands. This plants has been around for donkey's years and for good reason. With their green arching leaves, air cleansing ability and the promise of white flowers, its no surprise we've all given them a go. The most common words I hear from their owners is "it tells me when its thirsty, it's leaves flop." Yes, after a good watering, the foliage rises up to live another day. This plant loves to grow, and over the course of a year it will lengthen its roots and pop up lots of small plantlets around the base of the main plant. They can quickly colonise your plant pot and become root bound. Repotting at least bi-annually is recommended to accommodate all of those new plants and help reduce "flopping". Each time your plants leaves collapse, they are put under stress, contributing to those annoying brown tips. So how do you get the best from this plant? Keep it in medium to bright indirect light, and definitely no direct sun as they will burn the leaves. These plants need lots of bright light in order to flower but they will tolerate lower light levels, if the flowers aren't the reason you bought it. Water well and regularly - keep the soil lightly moist. Repotting regularly will ensure the plant has plenty of soil to grow into, nutrients for growth and importantly, moist to draw from - which will stop that flopping. Feed your peace lily with a liquid plant food approx. 4 weekly or use a controlled release fertiliser, like one from the Tui Enrich range which will last for 6 months.

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