Our hydrosols are lovingly distilled through a traditional Copper alembic using plant materials grown in the spray-free Cool Plants Garden in sunny Tauranga. We only produce small batches and availability is seasonal.


Lavender - Lavendula Hydrosol - 100mls - glass bottle with spray top

- Calming and soothing for body and mind. Use it to calm moodiness and tearful tantrums (adults and kids!)

- Ideal for all skin types - gentle enough to use on babies

- calms sunbrun, heat rash, sunstroke, bug bites and itching

- use in a compress on neck, shoulders for headaches, tension and stress

- spray on skin and pillow for a restfull sleep


Manuka - Tea Tree Hydrosol - 100mls - glass bottle with spray top

- Antiseptic, anti-fungal, antibacterial, antiviral - manuka does it all...

- Topically used to cleanse cut, scrapes and wound

- skin infections of all kinds react positively to manukau -  great for rashes and pimples


Lavender or Manuka Hydrosol - Gift Add On - 100mls

  • Please note this product is an add on item to orders - if you would like to just buy our hydrosol, please contact us to arrange shipping :)

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